ShiftForward at dmexco 2017: Fun and User Consent under the GDPR

Paulo Cunha at dmexcoSo, dmexco 2017 is a wrap and, boy, was it busy! Our booth at the Startup Village acted as the command post to see old friends and make new acquaintances.

We were thrilled to spend some time with our investors Florian Heinemann and Brian Fitzpatrick and gathering around the dinner table with our good old friends at Semasio and the nice folks from Nordic Data Resources. We also managed to have fruitful meetings with Adality (it’s always good to have some prime insights from clients), Dagmar, who made sure to stop by many times and bring more people along, and LiveRamp, with whom we discussed how we could strengthen our relationship. And we paid our debt of gratitude to ePrivacy with some pastéis de nata.


The GDPR & User Consent: Guidelines for Safe Use

This year we filled our speaking slot with a little more on the subject du jour, GDPR.

Our CEO, Paulo Cunha, explained why people should be on the lookout for user consent collection and how the Private DMP might come in handy. If you missed the presentation there, you can still catch up here:

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