Privacy, Advertising and Publishing at Web Summit: our Highlights

Once again, Web Summit took place in Lisbon and it was a great opportunity to listen to what experts have to say on some of our favorite topics.

As expected, Privacy, Advertising and Publishing were huge subjects of this years’ venue. We give you a wrap-up of the most relevant talks and quotes.


Privacy is finally being taken seriously

Brad Smith (Director at Microsoft): “Huge responsibilities come with having data (…). For all of us whose businesses depend on the web and depend on data, what we really depend on is the trust of the people who use our services (…) [On the relevance of the GDPR] If you’re trying to design a privacy architecture from scratch, it’s very complicated.”

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Jon von Tetzchner (Vivaldi): “You’re not really given a choice, are you? Do you want to be part of the internet, part of the modern world? If you want to be a part of that, you have to give up your privacy. Which I actually think is a very unreasonable request. You’re not given a real choice”.

Robert Wainwright (Europol): “What we’re dealing with is actually the need to raise common standards to at least a minimum level (…) at least get the basics right”.

Susan Herman (American Civil Liberties Union): “Are you gonna figure out how to keep people’s data secure or are you going to wait for the Government to make you do it their way?”

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The Future of Advertising is Manifold

AdAge’s George Slefo: “Most of the time, ads suck!”.

Brian Halligan (Hubspot’s CEO), PJ Pereira (Pereira & O’Dell CCO) and Neil Waller (Waller CEO) answering the question: What do you think the future of advertising is?

Pereira: “Half of it is going to be more automatic and the other half is going to be more entertainment, more high-level”.

Halligan: “It’s not going to go away, but it’s gonna get less and less effective. It’s just nearly impossible to reach humans using traditional or even new advertising techniques, you’ve got to be good at organic, too”.

Waller: “It will become more consumer-centric, people thinking more about who they’re trying to reach, when they’re trying to reach them, and that will improve it”.

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Publishers are Accomplices in their own Struggles

Tony Gallagher (The Sun’s Editor-in-Chief): “If all the traffic came to us directly on our platform, I think us and everybody else would be able to fund journalism but the fact it is coming to us via intermediaries is making it very, very difficult. Not everybody is going to survive this in the next few years.

in The true cost of digital


Meredith Artly (CNN Digital): “We are accomplices [of the increased adblock usage]. For a long time, we have not always done things that are beneficial to our audiences. We have in some ways littered our sites and our pages with ad formats that audiences do not enjoy. We are doing this in our race to revenue to fuel and fund global independent journalism. (…) I think we are somewhat accomplices.”

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