The GDPR Handbook for Concerned Marketing Teams pt. 5: It’s a wrap, everybody!

We are wrapping up the GDPR Handbook for Concerned Marketing Teams. We sure hope you found it fun-as-can-be and insightful. By now, the general feeling around the whole thing is of some tiredness so we are going to end this up on a lighter tone.

The GDPR Handbook Key Takeaways

We leave the key takeaways of the whole thing to our CEO, Paulo Cunha:

First of all, I cannot stress enough how important and needed this legislation is. Being on the business for many years, one truly gets to see how much companies have softened their perspectives on data awareness. It might not even be the quick buck appeal, this might just be the natural way of dealing with new opportunities. Eventually you get so tangled up in the way things are, you assume it’s the right way to do it.

This is why I believe that, even if the General Data Protection Regulation and especially the ePrivacy Regulation are flawed, they are still better than what we had.

ShiftForward has long been an advocate of an alternative way to do data management and I can’t help finding it reassuring that premises like Privacy by Design and Default or Pseudonymization have come to our mind long before the legislation was approved.

This being said, I think that the key takeaway here is: change and adapt. Rethink your procedures from scratch. Get specialised help if you need it. But don’t make the mistake of letting the GDPR slip from the top of your to-do list. The clock is ticking.

Materials and Acknowledgments

A few weeks ago, at dmexco, Paulo also gave a presentation on this. It’s called “The GDPR & User Consent: Guidelines for Safe Use” and you can check it here.

And, in case you haven’t already, check out the full series of the GDPR Handbook for Concerned Marketing Teams:

  1. The Essentials
  2. Article 25, Pseudonymization and Data Deletion
  3. Opt-in, cookies and article 6(1)(f)
  4. ePrivacy Regulation

We would like to thank the nice people at ePrivacy, who weighed in with accuracy in the most complex subjects. Look them up if you need expert advisory on these matters: they are the absolute best.

And we could not let you go without telling you about The Private DMP: it will come in handy. It lets you manage data from whichever sources you need under the safest possible roof: yours. It enables you to gather, onboard and transform your customer data from all channels into usable audiences, all the while keeping effective control over the entire process.

This post is meant to showcase some information on the GDPR but it does not substitute for a legal team. Please make sure you have consulted with your legal department before taking any action regarding the implementation of this regulation.
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