The GDPR Compliance Checklist

We already have a series of blog posts and a quick guide to act as beacons for your GDPR endeavours. Still, we thought some actionable knowledge that would help you actually do something about the GDPR would come in handy. Hence, the GDPR Compliance Checklist.

In it, you will find the steps everybody should be taking by now to make for a seamless transition into the new legislation. Its sections range from assessing your current compliance situation to knowing which documentation you should keep as well as the procedures you should be defining right now to have your entire team on board.

Make it the starting point for your GDPR endeavours and it will surely make your life a little easier.

Download the GDPR Compliance Checklist
This post is meant to showcase some information on the GDPR but it does not substitute for a legal team. Please make sure you have consulted with your legal department before taking any action regarding the implementation of this regulation.
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