The GDPR Handbook for Concerned Marketing Teams: the Downloadable

We compiled all the information we have been giving you in the blog series in the form of a GDPR digest.

In it, you will not only find the topics we have been covering but also some extra knowledge on how to build proper user consent under the new legislation.

Because we wanted it to be your go-to source for the GDPR, we kept it short and sweet. And because we wanted it to be completely dependable, we added some expert insights from Prof. Dr. Christoph Bauer, from ePrivacy.

In case you forgot, these are the topics you will find in it:

  1. Basics on Territorial Scope and Fines
  2. Privacy by Design
  3. Privacy by Default
  4. Pseudonymisation
  5. Data Deletion
  6. User consent
  7. Article 6(1)(f)
  8. ePrivacy Regulation

The GDPR Compliance Ultimate Checklist

We also want you to know we will be rolling out a GDPR Compliance Checklist in the next few weeks, so you can easily keep a track of how you are tackling this entire thing. Keep stopping by because it will most definitely come in handy.

For now, have fun with the GDPR Handbook for Concerned Marketing Teams, the downloadable edition. And make sure to come back with doubts, comments, queries, whatever you need.

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