3 MarTech Trends You Will Hear About in 2018

December is here, so this is the time to talk about the MarTech trends that will fill everybody’s thoughts in 2018.

So, without further ado, let us weigh in on what we believe will be next year’s major marketing technology topics.

Everybody keeps struggling to unravel the power of their data

While this a common place by now, a key development was presented in a Forrester Research report our partners at Velocidi shared last week.

Along with the usual suspects (difficulty to keep up with innovations, overwhelming amount of data), the study points out a new root for this evil: brands tend to use marketing technology that looks backward at their marketing performance, rather than using technology that provides them with future insights that may prove more useful.

This sheds new light into an old problem and we hope it makes way to serious changes in MarTech companies.

People still fear the machine (and that is a good thing).

The Drum cites an Accenture study showing that “43% [of the 2.000 people surveyed] fear “intelligent new services” will come to know too much about them and their family. In addition, 66% said they want companies to earn their trust by being more open and transparent with how customer information is being used.

This doesn’t only show that people are increasingly aware of potential data menaces (that alone would be excellent news). It also exposes another question: people expect transparency and want to hold brands accountable for the safety of their information. We have always advocated brand transparency through data privacy, so having consumers converge with our perspective is very reassuring.

The CDP thing is getting real

You know a business trend is becoming big when you reach Forbes. Customer Data Platforms have a dedicated, in-depth article from the Forbes Technology Council calling them “the next Marketing Advantage”. The article describes CDPs’ most prominent traits and makes quite a case for situations when it is the perfect solution.

We hope these topics come in handy in your marketing endeavours for next year. We’ll keep an eye on them and let you know when new information emerges.

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