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Founded in 2011, ShiftForward empowers digital advertising businesses with their own private data management and ad forecasting solutions, that run within the customer’s walled garden, on their private cloud.

The Private DMP allows businesses to take back data control, enabling them to collect, enrich, segment and activate first-party data on their own to build audiences for marketing and data monetisation purposes.

The Ad Forecaster is a quick and reliable forecasting service for future ad inventory availability that is able to use as many targeting variables as needed.


Press coverage

Nov 2016 – M&M Global

Lucky 13: Paulo Cunha, ShiftForward

Nov 2016  – ClickZ

Digital Leaders Q&A: Paulo Cunha, CEO of ShiftForward

Set 2016 – Creative Match

AudienceScience’s New Partnership with ShiftForward AdForecaster Will Help Advertisers Plan Campaigns with Greater Confidence

Set 2016 – The Marketing Blog

AudienceScience’s New Partnership With ShiftForward AdForecaster Will Help Advertisers Plan Campaigns with Greater Confidence

Set 2016 – LLB Online

AudienceScience Announces New Partnership with ShiftForward AdForecaster

Jul 2016 –

Commit Porto ’16: Pros and cons of Scala as a server-side programming language at ShiftForward

Jan 2016 –

5 Reasons the Digital Advertising Industry Should Worry About Safe Harbour

Mar 2014 –

Why Post-Functional Programming Matters – Hugo Sereno @ Ripple Conference 2014

Dec 2013 –

As Consolidation of Spend Comes at Agency Level – How Do You Play in the ‘Programmatic’ World?

Sep 2013 –

‘The Road For Innovation & Customisation in Ad Technology’, by Paulo Cunha, Co-founder & CEO ShiftForward

May 2013 –

ADTRADER CONFERENCE 2013 – Inventory Forecasting — Solving the Challenge of Programmatic Guaranteed

Apr 2013 –

Germany’s Rocky Road to Programmatic: The ad Trader Conference Overview

Feb 2013 –

Programmatic Premium (Guaranteed!) Explained: Paulo Cunha Discusses How The Ad Exchange Can Be Used For Delivery And Why Inventory Forecasting Is Critical In The Process

Oct 2011 –

Paulo Cunha Discusses The ShiftForward Tech Development Solution, Its Value To Local European Ad Tech Players And Where It Sits In The Eco-System