ShiftForward is now Velocidi

ShiftForward and Velocidi meetup

ShiftForward and Velocidi’s engineering teams look good working together.

2018 is a year of major change at ShiftForward. Our team is now part of Velocidi, an American customer data software company that turns data into actionable intelligence.

This acquisition will join both companies’ areas of expertise and present a new product in the digital marketing environment. The Velocidi private Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the first in the market to combine media and customer data, integrating siloed data sources seamlessly. This allows marketers to make real-time decisions using the most precise information, and have a holistic view of their campaigns.

Simultaneously, the CDP will store first-party data privately and in compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This will give control of campaign performance back to the marketers and bring them closer to the customer.

A new road ahead

David Dunne, founder and CEO of Velocidi, clearly sees the opportunity emerging with this acquisition: “It is very rare to find a partner who can not only bring cutting edge technology and sea deep talent but also market expansion and new vertical opportunities. Paulo and his team at ShiftForward do just that. We are thrilled to take our collaboration to another level and welcome them to Velocidi. Together we bring the market-leading private CDP to clients. And the timing could not be better. Marketers have unprecedented volumes of data available to make better marketing decisions, but realizing that promise has been an elusive goal. Velocidi solves this at the very moment when coveting customers marketing data is not only in vogue, but is being required by regulators”

This is a new and challenging path but one that we are thrilled to take. As our former CEO, now Velocidi’s Chief Product Officer, Paulo Cunha puts it: “Building ShiftForward from the ground up was the hardest and most fulfilling challenge I’ve had in the last decade. This acquisition is the ultimate proof of how much we’ve grown, learned and innovated in the digital marketing landscape. We look forward to continuing our outstanding work for brands and agencies, now as Velocidi.”

This new adventure will take us in a new and exciting path, one we can’t wait to start.

In the everlasting words of Calvin, from the very last strip of Bill Watterson’s classic Calvin&Hobbes, “It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy… Let’s go exploring!”

We hope you explore with us.

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