Tech Talk: Imma Latin you Finish

Imma Latin you FinishThis week, Latin is on the menu.

Our technological talks cause part of the team to quickly lose the train because not all of us are developers. So, we decided to let other people have a go, so everyone would feel included.

Vanessa Costa, our Oxford comma fan/Content person, said she would be glad to give everyone a time as hard as she usually has when tech talks happen. So she chose to give the whole team a 101 on Latin.

Latin lays at the foundation of many languages and it influences many others in one way or another. Its ferocious grammar makes it as challenging as it is interesting, like a lovely nerve-wrecking puzzle that makes you want to diss its mother.

So, welcome to the amazing world of Latin! We have awfully complicated grammar, high-level statesmanship, and curse words.

In the interest of making this talk easier, check this grammar table. It will come in handy.


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